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You are the King of a massive kingdom, you hold land, wealth and power. As you have acquired your land, wealth and power you have also made a few enemies who are seeking to destroy you.

The warring kingdoms have gathered for a final battle… Who will be left standing and who will be found hanging in the gallows.

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“I love this game, always a great energy at the table. The game is simple enough that my mom could play it, but complex enough with a good amount of strategy that it stays interesting game after game, for more serious gamers like myself. If you are looking for a quick set up game with some really good and balanced mechanics to it, you need a copy of The Queen’s Assassin” – Drake Farmer, Playtester and blogger


The Queen’s Assassin is a fast paced, turn based card game for 2-4 players that plays in under an hour. My kids and I built the game one night while we were bored and over the last 4 months we have made it into the game it is now. We had been play testing the basic game with different groups and when we realized that people like it we decided to go to the next level and get it published.

The last month we have been play testing aggressively with a number of different people and families and after rounds and rounds of testing and mutations to cards, rules and variations we have built a great game. We are very proud of the game and how it plays. We love how people respond enthusiasticaly when they play it.

The Queen’s Assassin is highly interactive, the strategies depend on the cards, your hand, your draws, and the intentions of the other players. It is beautifully balanced, with a simple game mechanic that grows in complexity the more you play.

What’s in the box?

When you purchase a copy of The Queen’s Assassin you get a tuck box of 90 high quality poker cards.

– 52 main playing cards

– 10 Special Cards

– 20 character cards

– 4 Kingdom (Reference cards)

– 4 instructions cards

What's in the Box

The game cards consist of 4 types of main playing cards and a series of special cards. The blue cards are the mercenary/ Jailer cards. The brown cards are King’s Decree and Bribes cards. The Green cards are Shield/ bodyguard/ Healing and Rescue Cards. The Grey cards are your Capture and Attack Cards. The Red based cards are the Special Cards, they affect all kinds of elements in the game. In this game pack there are 10 special cards.

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The character cards consist of a King, Queen, Knight, Priest and a General. All of the character cards have special abilities that affect the game in unique ways. Another card in this set is the Kingdom Card, there is one for each colour of Kingdom. In this set there is a Red Kingdom, Blue Kingdom, Green Kingdom and a Grey Kingdom.

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How to play the game:

I have included a set of downloadable instructions for those of you who love to read.  For those who would prefer to watch a video check out my gameplay tutorial below.

Queen’s Assassin Instructions

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The Queen’s Assassin on The

The Queen’s Assassin on


As we have been playtesting this game some interesting variations have been proposed. Some of these we are not ready to adopt as of yet but if you want to try them here they are.

– You can use as many cards as you need in attacks or Defences.

(ie. Multiple Capture Cards played to attack one character,  2 + 10 = 12 of Capture)

– Any number of people can join in on attacks or defences.

(ie. Player 1 is attacked in the Reach with an arrow of 8, player 3 only has a 5 of healing so player 2 adds a healing card of 4 and player 1 is safe.)