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We are so excited to announce that we have now sold over 100 copies of the Queen’s Assassin. To celebrate that remarkable achievement we are releasing the 5-6 player expansion.

I’m not a fan of expansions. Often the expansion packs, having less pieces than the actual game are sold for the exact same price as the original game. Furthermore, you need the original game to play the expansion pack.

I’m not into marketing, I’m also not planning to retire off this game. I just want to share our creation with the world so here’s how we are changing the dynamics for our expansion pack.

First of all, it’s cheaper than the original because there are less cards. Second, it’s actually a fully functioning, playable, two player game of The Queen’s Assassin.

You can check out the game on The Game Crafter here.

If you are curious about The Original game of The Queen’s Assassin you can check it out here. and you can buy it from The Game Crafter here.

Thanks for all the support

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