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We’ve been hard at work setting things up on our game crafter page for our launch. We are still working out the dates of the launch but when we know the whole world will know.

The last month has been spent play testing. It’s been a crazy, incredible process of working out all the kinks as we built our game. We have been making so many changes to everything from card art to game mechanics. As we made changes we continually threw the new ideas out to our playtesters and we saw more and more engagement and enjoyment.

I will admit that some of this process has been hard because every change we made was affecting the game that we invented and yet they were good changes. In fact, they were great changes. It’s been so amazing to see because the last week we’ve been seeking out hard core gamers. Guys and girls who are into board games, into magic the gathering. Guys who spend serious money on dice, and game books. That’s our market and they loved our game. In fact one of them sent me this review.

“I love this game, always a great energy at the table. The game is simple enough that my mom could play it, but complex enough with a good amount of strategy that it stays interesting game after game, for more serious gamers like myself. If you are looking for a quick set up game with some really good and balanced mechanics to it, you need a copy of The Queen’s Assassin” – Drake Farmer, Play tester

At the moment we are hard at work building a trailer for the game and putting the finishing touches on our gameplay tutorial. Thanks for checking out the site.

We will have a game launch announcement for you soon.