Family games nights are not so friendly anymore. Game Review

Father Geek Approved.001 just reviewed the Queen’s Assassin and it’s a great review. I sent the game to because he’s a Dad, like me, who created something with his kids.

Even better, he and his kids loved the game. Go ahead and read the very thorough review yourself at

It’s a strange feeling having a professional reviewer take a look at your finished product. Humbling, terrifying, exhilarating. Since creating the game we’ve heard from people who love it, people who think it’s so so, and people who find it “unprofessional.”

The vast majority of people who have played it seem to want to play it again, and that’s a good thing.

Have a great day and check out that review on


5-6 player Expansion Pack is now available

GameCrafter Shop BackDrop.001

We are so excited to announce that we have now sold over 100 copies of the Queen’s Assassin. To celebrate that remarkable achievement we are releasing the 5-6 player expansion.

I’m not a fan of expansions. Often the expansion packs, having less pieces than the actual game are sold for the exact same price as the original game. Furthermore, you need the original game to play the expansion pack.

I’m not into marketing, I’m also not planning to retire off this game. I just want to share our creation with the world so here’s how we are changing the dynamics for our expansion pack.

First of all, it’s cheaper than the original because there are less cards. Second, it’s actually a fully functioning, playable, two player game of The Queen’s Assassin.

You can check out the game on The Game Crafter here.

If you are curious about The Original game of The Queen’s Assassin you can check it out here. and you can buy it from The Game Crafter here.

Thanks for all the support

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Now available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

As I am doing my very best to get this game out to the masses I have been looking at different options for sales and realized that the shipping rates from the Game Crafter and the value of the US Dollar have made buying The Queen’s Assassin prohibitive for most Canadians. I have been looking for alternatives and I am trying Amazon as one of those.

If you contact me at and live in the Edmonton area I can get you a game and we can skip the shipping price but for the rest of you, shipping is a fact of life. Sorry.

Have a great day.

Northern Nerd Network

Northern Nerd Network

Samara Kennedy, Taran Kennedy and I went to visit the Northern Nerd Network to film a podcast and game playing session today. They interviewed us on the process of building The Queen’s Assassin and we showed them how the game works.

Samara and Taran were kind enough to kill off the host first and me second. Then Samara won the game.

It’s been exciting seeing the places this game is taking us.

Have a great day!

We are hosting a game table at


Our game has been available for less than a month and we are closing in on 100 copies sold. How exciting!

We have been looking for places to show off our game to the world and our first of many opportunities has landed at our feet. The Queen’s Assassin will be hosting a table at which is a fundraiser for the St. Albert Food Bank. (St. Albert, Canada)

This is a weekend of gaming that takes place at Mission fun and Games. If you would like to join us simply register for your spot at the table and we can see whose kingdom survives!

Huge Announcement Coming Saturday, August 8, 2015

Huge Announcement 8152015.001

Wait for it…

New Gallery Page

Game Action Shots July 22.008
One of our play tests in July of 2015

A Card game generates a lot of pictures. Card pictures, play testing pictures, shop ads, etc.

As I create pictures I wanted a place to be able to share my pictures so I created the Gallery Page. Just follow the menu or this link to get to the gallery and check out some of the pictures from our games here at

Have a great day

The Queen’s Assassin Intro Video

I actually built this video while doing our Early Adopter Day 5 video announcement. Video is very important for the website and the shop page because people want to see what they are buying. I understand that but often video is harder for me because it requires so much extra work. Hopefully the payoff is worth it.

Now that our early adopters sale is done, I’ll be posting less updates.

Have a great day

Early Adopters Sale Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of our Early Adopter’s Sale of The Queen’s Assassin Card Game. In today’s video I explain a bit about the site I’m using to host and sell my game The Queen’s Assassin Card Game. I also highlight two games on the site. Pandamonium and Village in a Box. While you are on the game you might as well check out those games and pick them up as well. You save money on shipping when you buy multiple games. Have a great day. is excited to announce our Early Adopters sale of The Queen’s Assassin Card Game at All this week, from July 20 – 25 The Queen’s Assassin will be on sale for $14.99.

Follow the link and order your copy today.

The Queen’s Assassin Card Game

You are the King of a massive kingdom, you hold land, wealth and power. As you have gained your land, wealth and power you have also acquired a few enemies who are seeking to destroy you.
The Warring Kingdoms have gathered for a final battle… Who will be left standing and who will be found buried in the graveyard.

The Queen’s Assassin is a card game where you conquer rival kingdoms using your methods of conquest, Diplomacy, Torture and Revenge. It’s a fun, winner takes all, kind of game where alliances are formed and broken. Friends are blindsided and enemies sometimes keep you alive for their own enjoyment.

It’s fun but be warned, if suddenly you find yourself alone in the King’s Reach you better hope you find some Armour, quickly.

Simple instructions. Balanced Game mechanics. Quick turn based system.

Each turn you can
– perform 1 action OR Discard up to all of your cards and replace them.
– The defender responds by playing cards against your cards
– Both of you pick up a card to replace any you have used and the next player takes his turn.
– It’s Really that simple.

How do you win?
Simple. Survive.
Last man standing wins the game.

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